clearlagg can't remove broadcast

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    I'm using clearlagg to look for chunks with too many entities and for a few other reasons, I removed everything that would make it broadcast and even deleted the warning messages. However in-game it will still broadcast time until ground objects are removed. Anyone know what I'm missing?

    heres my config:
  2. Edit: sorry for being rude i realize you disabled warnings. Did you try reloading the plugin or restarting server? @Schaumnificent
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    those lines don't broadcast at all and is not what I was having trouble with removing, its the one that announces seconds until items are removed. Thanks for the attempt though. Line 187, I removed the 2 announcements formerly below it
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    and yes I have reloaded the plugin and restarted the server
  5. That's odd, it shows here that you have broadcast messages disabled.
    Code (Text):
      broadcast-message: '&6[ClearLag] &aRemoved +RemoveAmount Entities!'
      broadcast-warning: false
      enable-scheduler: true
      autoremoval-interval: 460
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  6. No. Don't do this.

    autoremoval-interval being set to 0 will cause it to be constantly spammed or shut off.

    setting the broadcast message to nothing will send a blank message.
  7. Try updating/downgrading to a later or older version
  8. Schaumnificent


    I even removed the text from the config file for the broadcast and it still manages to broadcast it anyway, I don't think going through old versions will help too