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  1. Hello I made (BungeeCord) server and I do not know how can I create armourstand you can click on and it will send you for example to UHC Run server like on this server:
  2. You mean NPCs. Google Citizens to get you started
  3. "armour stand" :p

    @tavaksk I remember seeing a plugin called "Armour Stand Commands" a few months ago but I don't remember where. Hopefully, that's a starting point for you.
  4. I know Citizens but I want armor stands :)
  5. Oh. Then
    Might help you.
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  6. Use PlayerInteractAtEntityEvent then get the Type of the Entitiy and or the name and then do the action :) I have never worked with BungeeCord but i think that could help you. :) You just have programm a small plugin and its easier than searching thousend years :p

    This code is for normal Spigot/Bukkit Server.... i could try to program it for bungeecord if you want :)
    Code (Text):

       public void onArmorStandInteract(PlayerInteractAtEntityEvent e){
         Entity ent = e.getRightClicked();
         if(ent.getType().equals(EntityType.ARMOR_STAND) && ent.getCustomName().equals("NAME")){
            * some code here
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  7. You do not have to because I want clickable armor stand just for lobby :)
  8. Oh.. than i think that this code should work... you just have to insert the code for the teleportation to the other server