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Clicking chat to accept a teleport request!

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    ClickTpa - Clicking chat to accept a teleport request!

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  2. Hi there,

    That's the feature I was looking for since 2 weeks :)
    Just DL it, so I will test it before review it but here is a few remarks:

    * You should use a placeholder for seconds in "Player-countdown-until-tpa", because the value is in "Seconds-until-tpa"
    * You should put languages strings into a separate file than config if it contains settings (like delay and others not yet configurable)
    * As it doesn't support /reload, add a command to reload the plugin config
    * (of course) a better documentation when you have complete the todo-list

    I may be wrong:
    * If this plugin is based on other plugin to works, you should use directly their permissions (I'm using essentialsX)
    * Same remark for teleportation delay

    Before having tested with other players:
    What is really missing for me is translatable sentences, especially for them showed in your screenshots (I'm not english and some of my players doesn't speak english at all).

    I would suggest you, if you implement yourself those commands, not doing it. Because lots of plugins, well known, used by lots of people, with a big community and so, easier to find help ; Already provides them. The valuable part of your plugin is the fact it add a JSON clickable links on it. So, maybe you can simply works around those existing commands, and so collect users from all others plugins because yours complete them.

    I hope having well explained (again, I'm not english) and as said, I could be wrong for some remarks (based on suppositions). I will test it and will report you if I encounter problems / have others remarks or suggestions.

    Thanks for sharing your plugin with the community!

    Edit: Quickly tested, it seems to work well. So, I just need to be able to change the text to my language before put it on my live server. Hope you can do it in a next future. ;)

    Waiting for that to use it a few days in real situation (with other players) and if no problems, you'll got your five stars. If problem, I will tell you here, before to review.
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  3. Good morning/afternoon/whatever,

    I appreciate everything you have said to me!

    Firstly, I would like to start off by saying, I see your reason to change the "Player-countdown-until-tpa" into "Seconds-until-tpa". But I already have that in my config.
    Second, I will try to figure multiple config languages in a future time, but this will take some time as I use TextComponent not Json. Delay is configurable; "Seconds-until-tpa".
    Third, I'll will add a reload command in the future, most definitely.
    Fourth, what do you mean by "better documentation"? :p
    Fifth, the plugin doesn't use any other plugin's permissions, they are coded inside the plugin.
    Sixth, I don't understand when you said "same remark for delay"? Some elaboration please!
    Seventh, I will work on having multiple languages, but this will take time.

    Overall, I appreciate feedback, so I can give people what they prefer. But yea, it will take time to get a lot of these things done.

    - Chris
  4. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the quick answer. I will clarify what's not clear (I hope):

    1) No, I mean because you already have "Seconds-until-tpa", you should use a placeholder in "Player-countdown-until-tpa" sentence not to repeat it. So, when "Seconds-until-tpa" change, the sentence is still valid.

    To illustrate:

    Player-countdown-until-tpa: "Don't move, you will be teleported in {seconds} seconds."
    Seconds-until-tpa: 3

    Players will receive "Don't move, you will be teleported in 3 seconds.".
    If you change "Seconds-until-tpa" for 5, they will receive "Don't move, you will be teleported in 5 seconds.".

    In the code, you make a replacement of the placeholder {seconds} by the value of "Seconds-until-tpa" when sending the message.

    4) When I saw your plugin, I didn't know if it's a wrapper around other tpa-plugins or if you have coded tp functions yourself. By reading your fifth point, I suppose you make your own implementation, so have your own permissions and (6) delay.

    6) If your plugin used (for example) essentials commands, essentials already have a configurable delay, so in this case you should re-use this value instead of adding a new one in your config.

    So, it seems to works well, even if I cannot test it long time because my players are not familiar with english (and I can't try it alone...). For this reason, I'm not using it. So, I will survey your Spigot page and hope you can add support for translations soon. ;)
  5. I'm still bit a confused on what you want from your first point. I'm sorry, I think I don't understand what you need(?).
    Like you want players to see %seconds% instead of having to change the number to 5 in the config?

    And I'm working on having translatable configs, but it will take time as it is very new to me. Don't worry, maybe I can add and update where I removed the UTF-8 rule in the config so you can use special french letters, if that would help you in the meantime?

    And delay is just not a lot of code, so I don't see a point in having essentials have a delay for me, so I'll stick with mine. :p

    Hopefully I got everything I needed to say,

    - Chris
  6. The first point is an advice: Like that someone who configure your plugin don't have to repeat the number of seconds twice. When he will modify it in the "Seconds-until-tpa" parameter which store the delay, he can omit to modify the "Player-countdown-until-tpa" message. Or people not familiar with configuration could not understand when they change the value in the displayed message it won't follow this rule automatically.
  7. Ah, I see now. I can change this so the config is easy to understand.

    Thanks for clearing that up!

  8. [​IMG]

    /tpa dont work.

    Plz, add /tptoggle.
  9. Hey, I will look into this problem, thank you for reporting this to me.

    And yes I am going to try to make a tptoggle command soon, so hold on.
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  11. easy, and efficace thank you guy
  12. Thank you! I appreciate it.
  13. [04:00:38 WARN]: [ClickTpa] Could not save config.yml to plugins\ClickTpa\config.yml because config.yml already exists.
    using 1.13.2
  14. Hi there,

    Did you /reload the plugin, because if so, it will break it.
    If not, I would need more information on what you did

  15. No /reload command was used this issue is only happening after rerstarting the server after once the config 1st installs
  16. Okay thanks for reporting this, I’ll have to see what is wrong.
  17. Hi there,
    I see you are using a PaperSkyblock.jar, which is the likely reason why /tpa is not working. Try using a regular spigot (or try paperspigot) build and see if that solves your issue. I understand if you would like to keep your SkyBlock.jar, it's just the plugin won't be able to run.
  18. For some reason players get this when sending /tpa to another player and are color codes not supported?