Spigot ClickTpa 1.5.1

Clicking chat to accept a teleport request!

  1. What version are you running?
  2. Latest version of plugin, Minecraft verison 1.13.2, paper 480
    also will it work with essentials teleport comands or do I have to turn off essentials teleport commands?
  3. wtf!!!!
    really need to know how you made it sends this message lol
  4. (trying to help)
    does it sends any errors in the Console?
    if so post it.

    it's definitely because your version.
    your .jar file is paperSpigot1.13.2.jar?
    why is everything null? ?????
  5. pretty sure it doesn't but I will test again to make sure
    https://papermc.io/ci/job/Paper-1.13/ paperclip.jar is what I use
    not sure why everything is NULL that why I asked you lol, I just installed the plugin and use default config and setup permissions etc and that was the result when i tried to use it, is it possible essentials is interfering?

    EDIT - Maybe it not reading the JSON code correctly?
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  6. I need to update the plugin because color codes are properly imported into the code.
    I'm having a little bit of trouble because of an issue, but I'll try to get the plugin out asap. Maybe try an older version for now, with something that actually function, and I'll work on the plugin.
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  7. Very awesome!! In the next few coming weeks, I will have an update for the plugin which will include a /tptoggle command, so be aware of that! Otherwise, thank you for sharing my plugin!
  8. Okay, I will keep updating your plugin continuously
  9. A guy from MCBBS asked a question
    If the player tp is wrong, and that person does not agree with the request, you cannot tp the next person
    He feels that he can engage in a cooldown time to agree to tp, and when the time is up, he will automatically cancel the transmission.
  10. So like a /tpcancel command?
  11. humonga updated ClickTpa with a new update entry:

    ClickTpa v1.4.0

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  12. humonga updated ClickTpa with a new update entry:

    ClickTpa v1.4.0

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  13. /tpahere isn't working because "You do not have a pending request!"
    Can you do something for me ? (I love ur plugin)
  14. Fixed! And thank you :)
  15. Pls make per world in this plugin
  16. I’ll see what I can do.