1.8.8 Client checker

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  1. Can you check if someone is using a certain client for example Vape, LiquidBouce etc..?
    I'm pretty sure you can only check if someone is on vanilla or forge
  2. This would be too much easier. People using hacked clients know how to counter that kind of protection.
  3. Question: can you tell how someone looks just by talking to them on the phone?

    You can imagine something similiar with clients and server.
    The clients all send the "same messages" to the server and the server only accepts certain messages.
    If Client A sends "break this block" or Client B sends "break this block", doesn't really matter to the server, he is only interested in the message if it has the right format and will only answer if the message is also valid.
    If Client C would now suddenly send "teleport me to X", the server would obviously deny that message. But if the client sends a lot of "move me to X" messages, just barely in the range of the server not recognizing them as invalid, you can speed hack, fly and such - which is basically what hacked clients do and what Anti Cheats exists for - to detect these "illegal" messages.

    To detect what the client actually "looks" like is as impossible to the server as it is to you to detect how another person looks through the phone. It would only be possible if the server asks the client how he "looks" like, but even then, he can lie about it as well as a person can lie on the phone about how he looks.

    In that sense, no. It is not possible, just already by the client-server concept Minecraft uses :)
  4. it's possible, you can detect clients that is send channel. exapmle Hyperium, LabyMod, Forge.

    but u can just detect the clients that r sending channel. just check the channel that client send.
    EDIT: i don't think that hack clients sending channel. so yea, you can only detect the clients that r sending channel
  5. Yes you can detect mods but you can't check if someone is using a hacked client 99% of hacked clients send fake info to the server. If it was possible hackers wouldnt exist but it's not.
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  6. not just mods. clients too. but not all clients send channel
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    Well 9/10 hacked clients try to be undetectable, so yea they won't let the server know 'hey, i am a hacked client btw'. If they don't you cannot tell the clients apart from a vanilla client.

    There are some borderline legal hacky workarounds to still detect such clients, but these exploits may no longer exist in modern versions.
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