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  1. Hi,

    I recently had a build done for me, however after testing I found it had pretty bad FPS lag (compared to what I normally get). I tested the same build on my laptop and found it was just as bad.

    How could I identify what is causing the FPS lag, and is there anything I could do to improve it?

  2. Limit chunks rendering, turn off fancy graphics, put some settings on low.
    All these things are found in the options section of the menu and are fairly easy to do.

    I'd also recommend optifine.
  3. Going to give this a try

    EDIT: Nevermind, it just vanishes/ghosts all players, which isn't exactly what I'm looking for.

    I'm not trying to fix FPS just for myself, I don't want my players experiencing lag as well :p (My staff also reported low FPS)
  4. Misunderstood, also that's server side then isn't it lol?

    Look into timings to see which plugins may be causing lag, or if there's too many entities etc being generated.
    (/tps and /gc if you have essentials, which most ppl do)

    Edit :
  5. Not timings no. The network, and performance of the server is fine. The build specifically is lagging for myself, as well as my staff who have tried it as well. I'm trying to improve client side performance, not server.
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    No lol.
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    Any chance you could provide more details? Any redstone going on? How big is it? Are there particles being used? What kind of blocks were used? Is there a ton of water/lava?
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    No lava, some water.
    No particles
    No redstone
    Not 'massive', but a decent size.
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    Hmm. I'd have to see it to think of anything else at this point. This doesn't happen anywhere else on that world?

    The experiences I've had with this were when there was a lot of flowing lava/water in my build.

    OH one other thing: is there a ton of lighting? I've found that a lot of light sources can also effect client FPS.
  10. Try to reduce item frames, signs, and chests to a minimum. Are you using the 1.7+ or 1.8+ client? 1.8 has a lot of rendering improvements.
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    Only water is static water (for a river) and water for portals (about 32 blocks)

    1.8, no item frames/signs/chests.
  12. Your map is void?
  13. JamesJ


    No, not yet.
  14. If you do the /gc and /tps commands and they are all running 20 TPS and your memory is fairy unused then it is not Server Lag and it is indeed your CLIENT doping the FPS. The try to reduce the ViewDistance to = 8 or less and see if that helps in the ServerProperties file and Spigot.yml.
  15. or if their fps is really bad then it's probably the client
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    Lets just clear this up,
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    Nothing like getting "help" from people that don't know what they're saying - .-
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    Um, ok?
  19. Sadly, you are BOTH correct! Its most likely not a server-side performance issue HOWEVER there are server-side tweaks you can do to help reduce client-side lag... such as lowering your view-distance from default 10 to say 6 or less! Also many many other tweaks as well to try and help boost client-side performance.
  20. that wouldn't help, because the client could just lower render distance.