Client-Side performance

Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by NemesisMate, May 3, 2013.

  1. It's Spigot giving any client-side performance against Bukkit?, any real difference on client side network or resources taken in general?.

    I'm having client-side problems with orebfuscator because of the bandwith and resources it takes on client (Using Bukkit), that's why I want to know if Spigot does it better or all the optimizations are server-side?
  2. SuperSpyTX


    In general, Engine Mode 2 is going to give the client a much more performance impact than Engine Mode 1. However it sounds like the anti texturepack and freecam feature was enabled, sounds like that might be your reason.

    Spigot's Orebfuscator is light weight, doesn't have as many features, all internal and is much faster generally than the plugin. The built in orebfuscator also offers Engine Mode 1 and 2 and doesn't have the fancy features that Orebfuscator has (the anti texturepack/freecam).
  3. What really does anti texturepack/freecam?, without it players could use transparent texture pack like x-ray?
  4. SuperSpyTX


    It basically just prevents cave finding (via freecam?) and confuses some people with xray texture packs.

    Well the feature doesn't really work because Mojang renders air blocks, and if there's too many invisible air blocks, it can slow down gameplay.