Discussion in 'Programming' started by zPoseta, Jan 7, 2020.

  1. Hello! I am looking for a person who makes a Resource (plugin) for my server, I am looking for a Spawners plugin that has the following characteristics.

    I want you to have a menu for users and have permissions to grant access to different types of spawners.
    Example, the user opens the menu / spawners and if he has permission to have the zombie spawner the menu will appear, I also want it to be possible by quantity (spawner.zombie. (2-1, etc.)

    I want that only users who have permission to have the Spawner can only remove it and put them themselves
    To the user to remove the Spawner I want him to reach the menu.
  2. This post is in the wrong category, it should go here. And it would be better if you give more details about the plugin you want and the payment.