[CLOSED] A player banned in bungeecord server

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  1. Hey i would like help with a banning problem.
    So my friend owns a bungeecord server and when i go to join his server i can normally join,but when trying to join a specific server i cant.Like he has survival,factions,creative,staffsmp,sg,hub,kitpvp.
    So sg is a new server and when i go to join it i get a ban messege and ive never joined it.When he tries to unban me from the console it says player not found.He has tried it ingame but its the same.He has moved the players file from hub to sg and still cant find me.Im banned and there is no reason for that.I can normally join all servers but that one is really strange.Please help me fix this problem.Thanks!
  2. What banning system is used? Server-Wide or BungeeCord-Network-Wide, and what is the Plugin called?
  3. I dont know much but he uses essentials as he said to me,and when i try to join sg i get
    &cKicked whilst connecting to SG:&fYou are banned from this server!
    Reason:Banned by an operator.
    and he says that thats now an essentials ban messege.
    sorry for my english if its bad.
  4. They should /unbanip <yourname>
    Then /unban <yourname>
    And in case of, also /minecraft:unban <yourname>

    If you don't mind about your Inventory and last position, I suggest the Owner to rather check for your UUID and delete the <youruuid>.yml file in the Essentials User-Data folder aswell as the <youruuid>.dat in the Players-Folder of the Default-World as of server.properties.

    Good luck!
  5. I tried doing that for yugioh but it didn't work!
  6. Thats the owner of the server
  7. Did you try deleting his Player-Files?
  8. I don't have player files, only UUID's.
  9. Fixed. I had to completely reset the server files, except saving plugins and the world folder.
  10. You couldnt just have gone to http://mcuuid.net/ and find the player's uuid and delete their player file? Instead of resetting everything?
  11. The problem was: I already reset UUID files, and it hadn't worked.

    Plus i didn't even know that website existed..
  12. I did but he had already reset them
  13. Can you mark this as 'Closed' Please yugiohgravekeeps. Just put [Closed] On the title.