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Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by ChrisChatter, May 11, 2016.

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  1. Good afternoon!

    Is hetzner a good brand for hosting? They have some good deals, but because of that I think they lack somewhere else... Is their service good and would it be wise to go forward with them?

    Here is the dedicated server I am looking to possibly get:
    • CPU : Intel Core i7-3770
    • Ram: 32 GB
    • Storage : 2 x 3 TB
    • Price : 31,93 €
    Thanks and You are awesome never forget it! :)
  2. They lack ddos protection and I believe that there's no support either.

    If you get hit by a ddos attack, they'll null route ya.
  3. Only get ddosed if you upset some kid.

    Don't do that and you'll be fine xD
  4. I'm really happy with Hetzner. Good and stable root servers and stable network connections. But of course, no support regarding software stuff. They only provide hardware. But I don't think this is a point to worry about.
  5. I've read stories where people were DDoSed just after their support closed for the weekends, leaving their IPs null routed for the entire weekend. Sounds fun!
  6. Why not just get a KS (KS4-C) dedi if you don't want to have your IP nullrouted for a entire week while a ddos attack? Or get one from reliablesite
  7. Incase you do need ddos protection, get one from buyvm.com

    $5 per IP
  8. JamesJ


    Hertzner is amazing for a backup service, for anything else I'd be cautious. They lack DDoS protection, support and [free] IPMI (a must-have in my opinion).
    I wouldn't recommend them for a production server.
  9. Are they getting ddosed themselves? Since their server has stopped responding. Ha!
  10. JamesJ


    You sound like a 11 year old Minecraft player who automatically assumes that a server is being DDoS'd as soon as it's offline...
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  11. It was meant as a joke, you know.
  12. Thread closed, I head you and I don't want this this thread to go off topic and start fights :p
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