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  1. So I recently decided I wanted to get a dedicated server. I bought this plan from SoYouStart:

    But then they wanted me to verify my identity by providing them with my ID and a receipt from a bill.
    I provided them with my ID but I literally cannot provide proof of bills as I do not pay bills. The alternative was a gas receipt but I don't have a car either.. I tried providing them with an amazon receipt instead but they denied it it and said they'd give me a refund in 7-10 business days.

    So I guess my first question is:
    Are there any alternatives to bills and gas receipts that I could provide them with?

    Then my second question: If not, where could I find another dedicated server with similar specs for similar price? My limit per month is about $43. I mean, I could go over but I'd really rather not as I need to save my money for other server costs & irl stuff.

    Thank you.
  2. You could buy it from an reseller? However it's here with taxes kinda expensive for you though: https://i.jessegeerts.nl/W6c0e803kPM.png (21% VAT).

    Perhaps are you minor or? Because a phone utility bill would work too
  3. I'm 20 but I'm in college so I'm staying with my parents over the summer and will live on campus during the school year. They currently pay for my phone bill. However, I did ask my parents and my mom may be able to provide me with a utility bill which I could provide SoYouStart. We'll see.
  4. But note that the soyoustart account has to be on the name of where the phone bill is set. If it's not on your name, ask a refund and repurchase with a new account + different email and stuff.
  5. Oh, darn. Thanks for the info.

    Edit: What about if just last name is the same?

    All of them are over my budget. Thanks anyway :p

    Edit 2: By using them you mean you actually meant you own them..
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  6. No, they care also about the first name.
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