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  1. Hi, I have litebans and I wanted to set up my WEB interface that litebans has, so I went and did so using a video tutorial and I have an error. https://gyazo.com/58fb71ee7ea291f7bbe85cdfd6bb0c88 . I have double checked all the INFO and it is correct. The connection is correct as well and I can't see any further things that may be wrong in the HELP. Please help?
    Code (Text):

    Error on console:

    Code (Text):
    Code (Text):
     Error on the website
    : https://gyazo.com/58fb71ee7ea291f7bbe85cdfd6bb0c88
    -=-=-=-= Thanks for trying to help -=-=-=
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  2. Hello,

    Your website and Server use the same DB or it is two different ?

    Because sometimes some web hosting does not provide any external connection to their database
  3. External connection is allowed on this. Both are attempting to use the database but the Server wont connect to it and the Website is.
  4. Not sure how much this may help, but try surrounding the ip address with quotation marks. Also verify that the information is the same on the web panel & the server.
  5. The Information is the same and I will try the quotations and get back to you if it works!
  6. Adding the Quotation marks (i tried ' and ") made the configuration valid and could not be loaded to the database
  7. STILL A PROBLEM (updated versions)
  8. Hmmm do you think you could send "settings.php"?
  9. Your database and username is different in your server config and your website config.

    This is probably why your server is not connecting and generating your tables. I would change your server one to the website one because it seems like your website is connecting properly.
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  10. Whoops xD, I will go and check my config
  11. Checking too see if it works...Wish me Luck! :D
    FOLLOW UP: didnt work :( https://gyazo.com/51ce48793e247507801b3f6f9b0b1fc0
  12. How are your servers configured? Are the website and MySQL on the same server while the minecraft is on a seperate machine? If this is the case, it could be an misconfigured error where the MySQL is allowing the webservers IP to connect but not the minecraft servers IP. This or the minecraft server is misconfigured and has connections on port 3306 blocked or is connecting to the wrong IP.
  13. the MySQL and Server are on the same machine
  14. Not sure if this will help, but you might want to try wiping everything and trying again.
    Another thing might be that your firewall isn't letting it past, but that's purely a guess.
  15. Which server? The minecraft one or the website one or both?
  16. Both are hosted on the same the website and the MC server
  17. MY firewall has not blocked anything recently, I have reset and tried again 4 times all too get the same error
  18. Try connecting to your database with phpmyadmin http://phpmyadmin.co/
    Put there the mysql details.

    If you cant enter then you know that is the mysql database
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