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    Welcome everyone! This is a Free Custom NoCheatPlus Configuration Service! I will will work based off of the Community Config, and adjust it to your server. I can adjust the checks to work for your server type, change color codes and notify messages, change the kick and ban messages, and much more! If you're interested in this service, please read the information below.
    Features of this service:
    • Edit/Adjust checks based on server type to reduce false positives, and increase performance
    • Adjust color codes and alerts to your liking
    • Change notify messages to your liking
    • Change ban and kick messages
    • Adjust anything in the config to your liking
    • False positive reduction, improved detection, and increased server performance.
    If you're interested in this service, please follow the instructions below:

    1. Use the following format:
    Server Type:
    This will allow me to know what checks to disable. You will need to give a little more info on what happens in the server. Such as, Creative Server, No Survival players, or KitPvP server, no block breaking or placing.
    Config Type:
    Choose from these three options: Auto-Ban, Auto-Kick, and Notify and Cancel only. The Auto-Ban config bans and kicks players. The Auto-Kick config kicks players, and the Notify and Cancel only will only cancel the attempt and notify staff.
    Notify Prefix:
    This is the prefix you get with every notify message. The default is &8[&cNCP&8]. You can request something like &c&lServer ANTI-Cheat &r&7>>
    First and secondary colors:
    This will be used to adjust the colors. The current config uses the colors light red and light gray, or &c and &7.
    Any changes to the ban/kick messages or notify messages:
    The default notify message goes like this [Prefix] (player) failed (check) VL (violation level). You can request something like (Player) is suspected for (check) (VL).
    Any specific requests:
    Any specific things you want? Such as add these commands to blocked commands, disable all chat checks, strict PvP checks, etc.

    2. Contact me. You can PM me using the format from above.

    I can typically respond back within 8 hours, and get the config done within 24 hours. I'll let you know your position in the queue and estimated time I will finish the config. If I have over 5 people in the queue, then I will stop any further requests. Once I have finished them all, I will open up the service again. Full support will be available to anyone who uses the service.

    - You do acknowledge that this service is free. I can refuse to take any requests at any time.
    - You may not use your config and sell it for profit.
    - Do not distribute your config and claim it as yours.
    - This is a config. It will not solve all of NoCheatPlus's problems.

    Thank you!

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  2. Hey! I'm using your config already with a few changes (disabled captcha, changed messages and a couple other things). However, in my hub, I have a feather that launches players into the air when clicked. This sets off a load of survival fly cheat messages and cancels it. Could you possibly do anything to prevent this? Maybe if the player has a feather in their hand skip the check if that's possible? Here's my config: https://hastebin.com/ovelexatag.swift thanks for in advance and for helping me yesterday btw :D
  3. There's currently no way to skip the check if the player is hold a feather config wise.

    I would recommend you disable the SurvivalFly check if you wish to continue using that feature. You can also consider using some plugins that are compatible with NoCheatPlus. This will allow players to DoubleJump. This plugin will allow you to use LaunchPads. They both seem a little outdated so they may not work, I haven't tested the plugins.
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  4. I would suggest putting this in Offering Developers.
  5. I requested a thread move.
  6. Thanks, I'll look into making something myself using NCP's API
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  7. Great service! Got my config created very quickly :)
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  8. I would try to apply DoubleJump4ncp if possible, to replace the feather as a toggle rather than click the feather to double jump (assuming it works that way currently). You could also hook into ncp's api to generate an exception when the double jump event occurs from whichever plugin you are using.
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  9. Queue is clear. Open to any new requests. Simply PM me using the format and I can fulfill the request within an hour.
  10. Major vouch! Completed a sexy and functional config super quickly!

    I seriously think this is an awesome service and that it really helps spice up your server and protect it from hackers!
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  11. Vouch! Nice Guy, does what he promises, very friendly, helpful and qualified, and all that for free, amazing! Would definitely recommend to every other Server Owner!
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  12. Vouch, vouch, vouch! Fast, friendly, and very talented young man. This boy reveals the true power of NoCheatPlus. :D:D:D
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  13. Have some open time on my hands. PM me with any requests :)
  14. I have access to my computer for the next few hours, PM me with any requests!
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  15. Vouch for this guy, he's amazing! He helped me a lot!!
  16. This guy is simply amazing. My config was completed within a few hours! Helped me so much!!! xDD
  17. The queue will be on pause for now, expect delayed responses. I have too many things going on right now, I won't be able to complete configs in a reasonable time. Thanks for understanding.
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  18. Queue is open again! Simply PM me to get your custom NoCheatPlus config!
  19. Huge vouch, honestly what he's doing is just so nice :D
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  20. Gianluca

    Gianluca Retired Resource Staff
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    Made my config really quick and was very easy to talk to/work with. Config works great from a basic test! Needed one thing changed, and never hassled! 10/10!
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