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  1. CryptoMining

    With this plugin u can buy computer cases CPUS and GPUS And motherboards
    Depending on the motherboard it will decide what size case you need and what CPUS can be used and GPUS And the amount of GPUS AND CPUS FOR THAT MOTHERBOARD! (use IRL MOTHERBOARDS JUST Name them Diffrently)
    Each CPU and GPU would Follow real life hash rates
    And to trade your coins u would use a Stock market plugin like https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/cryptomarket.69031/ (has API)
    In configs you would be able to change hash rates with a multiplyer and change the The amount of Full computers u can have (customizable by role/single person upgradeable by buying a perm)

    If u have Questions fell free to ask or addons for whoever decides to make this

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  3. -Addon To suggestion

    TAX- you get charged for the amount of electricty u use!

    (power reserch will have to be done!)

    Solar Panels used to relive ypou of some tax!
  4. Addon support the ability for people to add new items
  5. that is basically a mod also extremely hard to make lol
  6. That sounds like a mod, this is a spigot forum though
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