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  1. Closed down to all the douchebags being their casual self.
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  2. Post source or nobody will download this. You're a new member with one post and I don't recognise your name from anywhere.

    How do I know this isn't malicious code?

    Also, seriously? Nobody uses 1.6.4 any more. Let it go.
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  3. Just cause I have no source uploaded doesn't mean its malicious code. And Also, People still use 1.6, If you don't like this post. Ignore it. Don't post hateful comments.
  4. There's always JD-GUI to see the source code of Java archive files.
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  5. Let me put this another way. Why would I trust the word and code of a completely unknown person when there's a perfectly safe, stable, and more up to date BungeeCord provided by the original author?

    To be honest, because you are refusing my reasonable request, I have pretty good reason to believe you are attempting to distribute malicious code.

    And again, you're about 2 months too late.

    Why should I go to extra effort when I'm not the one trying to get people to download my build? Furthermore, what if he obfuscated it?
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  6. Holy shit guys, this totally seems legit as fuck.
    @md_5 you should see how legit this is man.
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  7. Dmck2b

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    Something I still don't get, why would you make a thread for something you cant provide a download for yet? It's like sticking a were open on a shop with no stock.

    Still think it's best to keep with reputable sources, but that just gnawed at my brain for a while.