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  1. thiagocodex submitted a new resource:

    PlayerShops - Allows players to create public GUI Shops to sell their items.

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  2. Man, you must make this standalone plugin, please
    and 1.8-1.17 with java8/11(/16 but i would rather wait for next LTS release of java (17) and then drop out java8 version)

    i would donate to make this happen and i think it would better go through if you make it standalone as i assume (as me) there are people who would want just this, and maybe they're not BossShopPro users

    thanks in advance!
  3. you can compile it for both java8/16 (2 .jar files), put them in .zip file and upload that (just a suggestion)
    and great! now we only need 1.8-1.12 support and a standalone version of this addon for bosshoppro!
    however these are just a suggestion to make plugin better on the global market :)
  4. what are minimum java version for each .jar filez from the .zip?
  5. good to know thanks!
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    Can diamonds be used as currency/price?
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