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  2. From what you showed me months ago, I quite liked those magma cream things that blow stuff up.
    Love the purge idea
    but t starter pikax isnt fast enuf for 10yr olds
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  3. All of your servers are very generic. Why should I join your prison, skyblock, or creative server when there are thousands of other servers just like them? The builds are pretty good, but again, the ideas/gamemodes are not very unique.
    Unrelated, but did you buy that "OP Prison" server from someone? I remember someone else asking for people to rate it before and he got bitched out, and banned for using "leaked" plugins.
  4. I'm not saying they don't need to be unique, but I suppose it would help. I run a generic prison server. (Well, yeah it has the features of others but a lot of my players love the way it has been set up). Advertising has worked out well on it.

    Also, I found his prison rather unique, or atleast more unique than other prisons. With the idea of purges, explosive bombs or whatever they are (forgot) etc.