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  1. Hello, so I wish to support FactionsUUID within my plugin - which integrates a very minute portion of functionality from Factions/UUID.

    Currently my plugin supports the "old" Factions, I need to support both Factions and FactionsUUID.

    Now here is where my concern comes into play, apparently @drtshock was too lazy to recompile his fork as FactionsUUID. I'm sure some code would need to be implemented extracting data from Factions but regardless, like... bro. Anyways - I have forked FactionsUUID and compiled it but how do I differ Factions from FactionsUUID?
  2. The version string.

    And how exactly was I lazy? I didn't change the name because people had plugins built against the old 1.6.x version of factions that still work with mine. If I changed the name, it'd be a huge breaking change.
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  3. Thanks.
  4. None the less you could create an instance of a Factions plugin as some sort of "dummy" or API per se to integrate support for said plugins with a FactionsUUID plugin.

    On topic:
    Would an individual hook into Factions 1.6.x API with the same methods one would integrate Factions 2.7.x
  5. Try actually looking at the source code to find out that it's actually been refactored to be pretty decent. If you want to see how to hook into multiple versions of Factions, check out
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  6. Thanks, but maybe you should update your developer api section *or create one* on your plugin's thread.
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  7. drtshock I own a small server 1.8 factions. I was reading back a few posts and saw that you wouldn't mind giving your UUID Factions away for free. I don't make any prophet off of my server and run it for fun please contact me on skype at InwardChicken9 Thanks!
  8. Faction already support UUID i think.
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