Cloud or Dedicated?

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Cloud or Dedicated?

  1. Cloud

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  2. Dedicated

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  1. What is the best for a popular server?

    Cloud based hosting or dedicated server?
  2. I think you're confusing the cloud with virtualisation.
  3. not really, i know cloud is virtualisation.
    but i'm thinking

    amazon cloud or dedicated server @ hetzner
  4. It depends on what you need, and what you want to pay.
  5. i'm just asking in general.
  6. Small server, you could get away with running on something cloud based. Larger, you'll want at least a powerful VM, even larger server, you'll want a dedicated box with a high frequency CPU
  7. Jigsaw


    Dedicated server.
  8. A lot of people jump straight on the "you've gotta have a dedicated server" bandwagon because.. well obviously a dedicated server is the most expensive and so the most appropriate thing you can have, without really much more consideration. We should probably look at actual comparisons:
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  9. One thing I'll say is it's all in the fine print when it comes to a virtual solution, be it VPS or VDS. When I say fine print I mean the definition of what is a core (ie. thread vs core). Many virtual hosts like to blur the line and misrepresent their provisioning. Lots of pitfalls with virtual providers, but if you find the right one it has the potential to be great asset. We currently utilize some VDS for our DayZ servers and much like Minecraft a DayZ server has specific limitations in the hardware it can utilize. A well strategized VDS, fairly defined and well provisioned enabled us to provide some of the absolute best DayZ servers available finding a home in the Top 20 worldwide. Had we gone with a traditional dedicated box we'd be overpaying to provide multiple servers of an Alpha stage title still deeply in development.

    We've got a number of different game servers we provide our community and we've tried it all over the years. For us a combination of dedicated bare-metal co-located hardware and some VDS provided by the likes of NFOservers allows us the flexibility we need to responsibly provide any gaming server to our community. Spec out your dream hardware based on the title you wish to provide, do your homework on virtual providers, and budget accordingly.

    FYI - We go dedicated in respect to Minecraft.
  10. As a certified Red Hat Engineer and Minecraft Hosting company CEO, I can tell you that you would always want a Dedicated server. No amount of cloud computing can replace that for a reasonable budget. Also, minecraft runs best on a single processor server. Having that on a cloud solution is impossible considering the infrastructure for a cloud setup.
  11. Again I think it's important to differentiate between virtualisation and cloud computing.

  12. Ofcourse there is a difference. I am referring to true cloud computing. Not virtualization.
  13. You don't really seem to know what you're talking about. You're saying you'd recommend running on a dedicated server, when you don't actually provide any dedicated servers on your website. All you do provide is a list of RAM allocations with no reference to CPU architecture or provisioning, on a bog standard wordpress theme with a badly edited logo tacked on top.
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  14. If you want a popular server, do NOT even think about using Cloud based solution, as it will get prohibitively expensive way too quickly. You can get a same spec kind of server as a dedicated server for much cheaper. Cloud is great for websites, since you can spin up many tiny instances on budget, and have everything load balanced across them, but its not for busy popular minecraft servers as there is no way for you to link all the players on different small servers together... not yet, anyways.
  15. You don't know what you're talking about, do you? Your website is just a list of packages that talk about RAM and not CPU, with a wordpress theme that has been taken off Rackhost with a badly edited logo on the top of the site. You do not attract many server admins looking for a good hosting service, I can see that from your site.
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  16. Those are virtualization technologies and not Cloud computing. While Cloud computing do take advantage of virtualization, it is NOT exclusively just a VM.

    No need for personal attacks. His first reply is perfectly valid. Cloud computing at today's price point is simply illogical to use for popular minecraft servers. Hands down, no discussion. If you are thinking about virtualization, which is only a small subset of what Cloud computing uses, then it may be possible to run popular minecraft servers on those. However, the moment you enter the true cloud domain, it is simply far too expensive to get the same amount of CPU cycles to keep a popular server running smoothly.

    His point is perfectly valid. You are saying the same thing with him about Cloud computing and Virtualization. Virtualization is only part of cloud computing; true cloud computing in the domain specific context offers a lot more than just a VM on a shiny server. His business have nothing to do with this thread, there is no need for personal attacks.
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  17. My point from the start is that this discussion should be about virtual vs dedicated, cloud based services shouldn't even come into the picture.
  18. OP asked about Cloud (and explicitly stated Amazon), but beyond that... what you said here is not entirely true :) There is a very nice niche where cloud computing makes sense. In fact, I've been working on something that will target this niche for some time now ;)
  19. i have just updated my self on this thread.

    lets then say
    Cloud vs Virtualization vs Dedicated servers.
  20. Cloud for minecraft servers: Don't even think about it at today's pricing.
    VPS vs Dedicated servers: either way is fine; if you are just starting out, go VPS (or even GSP if your budget is a limiting factor); if you want performance (i.e.: you got popular), go dedicated.

    That's really all there is to it.
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