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  1. Hey everyone,

    well I've switched over today to CloudFlare because recently my website gets frequently DDoS attacks. So I've added all the same records I've used before and the webpage works pretty fine now. But now I have a mess with my MC records. There are two SRV records that handle requests on the main domain. This records seems to work the server shows up but then my protection plugin comes in and blocks the connection because I'm joining through a valid proxy.:unsure: Well then I thought well, you got a subdomain for each proxy lets try this and they are not even resolved by the client. So I came up with the Idea to delete any cache from CloudFlare disconnect from provider by restarting my router and restarting my computer. Fixed it but only temporary for about 10 minutes. Well now I don't know any other solution so my question is got anybody here experience with this issue and maybe knows how to resolve it or has any suggestions.

    Thanks in advance
    If you need any further information on my configuration just ask I will provide it. :cool: - Screen to my config
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    A records to minecraft cannot be proxied, click the yellow cloud so it turns gray to turn it off. looks like the ones that start with bungee
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  3. did the trick thanks (y)
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    Well... they can, but not with the free plan. If you've got ~$3,000 a month burning a hole in your pocket, CloudFlare will sell you their upgraded service that allows proxying any port lol
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  5. Well, I think I'm not gonna going to waste that amount of money and go along with the free version :ROFLMAO:
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    No doubt :)
  7. Hi first of all, what exactly are you trying to do to protect your minecraft server against ddos attacks?
    you cannot hide the real ip of your server with cloudflare literally in a matter of seconds you can see the real IP
    If you are looking to protect your server I recommend a Game server in OVH
    Here are other possible options
    I hope you find it useful