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  1. Not sure whether I am in the right section, though I have a suggestion to make and I think this is happening to other users as well.

    If you are not experiencing this too, then this has something to do with me so I'd appreciate if you could help me out solve this.

    Basically, every 2-3 seconds I get this:

    This forces me to reload the page, which ends up deleting certain replies I was typing so I am forced to copy & paste it somewhere and then do the same to get it here once again. I am quite frustrated and curious to know what changed and has caused this to happen since I didn't experience something similar a few days ago.
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  2. Image isn't working?
  3. I try to share it though I can't due to having to reload the page 99% of the time I try to post a reply.

    EDIT: managed to fix it.
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    I'm guessing you had something on your browser eating cookies.
    In any case we only enable the intersital when experiencing DDoS attacks.
  5. Actually, I am experiencing this both in opera and chrome. I doubt this is a cookie related issue as this is happening every 2-3 seconds, or even instantly and the page needs to be checked again after being checked once. However, I went ahead and used opera once again but this time I enabled the VPN option it offers and I haven't had any similar issue like that so far. Could it be something related to my network?
  6. Maximvdw


    In case you ever have the issue again and need to investigate it:
    CloudFlare changed their security yesterday ( Before, they would automatically trust any browser that had the cookies returned after the cloudflare screen. Now, they perform more checks to see if the browser hasn't changed since the cookies were returned. The most noticeable change being the user agent. It could be that they are checking for other things that might randomly change in your browser when VPN mode is not enabled
  7. This has happened to me in different websites but in the past. It's the first time though here on spigot.