Cloudflare issue

Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by polo002, Nov 23, 2019.

  1. Hi, please could someone guide me through the process of setting up Cloudflare on Ubunto. I'm also using the pterodactyl panel.

    I have everything setup on Cloudflare, however, i'm getting ERROR 521 when trying to access my pterodactyl panel.

    I have followed advice from here (

    Here are my results:

    - Cloudflare is also stopping players from connecting to the mc server through my domain (Server doesnt show up in menu)

    If anyone can help, i'd appreaciate it
  2. Strahan


    No idea on the panel part, but for the server part it isn't working because CloudFlare doesn't proxy game traffic. You cannot use it in that manner. You have to disable the proxy on the DNS record for the server for it to work, but then of course you aren't getting DDoS protection just so you know.
  3. Hi,

    Can you please provide us with the a bit more information regarding the Domain records in Cloudflare you currently have.