CMI OR EssentialsX

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CMI or EssentialsX

  1. CMI (premium)

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  2. EssentialsX (free)

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  1. Hello. i try to make a server faction + rpg + boss but what plugin to use ? CMI (premium) or EssentialsX (free)

    what is the best and it easy to use?
  2. EssentialsX is easy. I haven't tried CMI but I've seen quite a few timing reports with CMI causing quite alot of tps issues.
  3. I use CMI and I haven't had any lag issues so far. I would start with EssentialsX, but CMI is also easy to use.
  4. CMI has a lot more features than EssentialsX, which you are paying for. I used CMI for a long time, and really liked the plugin as a replacement for essentials, basically all stuff you find in essentials is also found in CMI.

    I suggest you to look through CMI's commands/features list to see if you actually need any of those before buying though, it's up to you where you want to use it for.
  5. CMI, we use it on our network and have no tps issues. I am glad I moved away from old fashioned essentialsx in the last few years.