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  1. Content Management System (CMS)

    I will be moving away from enjin very soon! And was trying get another minecraft server/network owners/users
    input on what they think is the best. So far I have my thoughts set on wordpress. Although I am good with dreamweaver and html and css I want the ease of access for other users to help me manage a website so a (CMS) is where I need to have my sites on. I know "good at html css and uses enjin" when I started my minecraft network about 8 months ago I focused on it only building plugin development so on and so forth.
    And made my website in a few minutes. (also with needing my staff to help with it as well) Now I have finish for the most part the front end development of my server I wish to move on and also use it to host my site along with getting rid of the large extra not needed cost of enjin “$29.00” come on what are they thinking no wonder people say enjin is unprofessional to use, but I digress any thoughts on this matter would be greatly appreciated.
    ps: I do believe I will be needing a large amount of framework and functionality with what I chose so please keep that in mind (ie if you say Wix please don't post xD)
    If you click on my banner to see my website for my server right now I have just started developing it more on a large scale then just the perinorm minecraft website with enjin!

    I do not need a blog, + the bloat of out of date plugins and other issues is not appealing to me.

    + this will have to work well with my Ubrntu 16.04.1 sys.

  2. Didn't read the post:
    Try mybb, or xenforo.
  3. This is not just about trying something, I do understand the post is long but I'm looking for key points that people have encountered with their use of (CMS).
    Not just "try this" thanks for the input though. I have heard good things about Xenforo.
  4. I can't say anything for xenforo, but I definitely can for mybb.
    I personally, used mybb for my server since day one, and it never disappointed me. With it's massive community offering support at any times, and a massive library of addons and themes, it's all you could need. You can fully customise it, and it has an extensive admin panel to manage everything. It has everything a server would need, and more. It also a portal by default, which is something you have to pay for with xenforo, and I forgot to mention but the software is free & open source.
    tl;dr, when I said try, I meant "use this or use that, they're both good and will do everything u need".

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