Cobblestone bug

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  1. people can get 9 cobblestone from 1 cobblestone in the craftingtable, im using 1.15.2 paper version. How?
  2. We need more information than that. What plugins are you using?

    Also, you should know that Paper isn't supported here.
  3. check your plugin and datapack folder
  4. Try using a spigot server from
    If that is fine, then the problem is with you server provision.
  5. Paper has way better performance than spigot. But here is a list of my plugins:

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  6. It also has bugs which do not exist on servers!

    If you want support here you must confirm that the problem exists on a server.

    We do not support other server flavors due to their differences which are out of our control !
  7. Better performance doesn't mean it's supported on the websites of other software.

    It seems like "CustomItems" could be the source if it's from a plugin.
  8. can you tell me some bugs that exist there and not on spigot? i just wonder
  9. Paper isn't inherently faster than Spigot. Not when you have a proper Spigot configuration. In fact, the entire project is a fork of the resource available here. As far as your issue goes, if you're deciding to run a .jar that isn't operated on here, look into their support area(s).
    Some of these bugs are Spigot's too, but for the most part it's Paper's bugs.
    Meh, it is. Sure, you can lower your spigot configurations to unplayable state and it will grant you 20 tps, but who wants to play like this?