Solved Cobblestone Pickup Enable/Disable

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  1. Here is the commands code:


    Here is the Main class:


    Unsure why I have an error on the event, any help?
  2. Managed to fix the event error, command doesn't currently work but am looking into the bug. Will post the final code once done for anyone else who may come across the same issue I did. For some reason the event isn't actually working...
  3. Umm the listener has to be set on the CobblestoneCommand class .
  4. I don't want to spend 30 minutes typing out what's wrong (It's not just one or two things). If you would like me to help you, you can add me on Skype - Trev915.
  5. Added. Thanks.
  6. My issue was that the listener in the Command Class wasn't properly registered and the if statement in the event was incorrect. This is the finished class:


    Thanks to, @SpiroMarshes for the help. (I vouch for this guy)
  7. Glad I could help. :)
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