COD: Infinite Warfare Reveal Trailer, thoughts?

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    What are your guys thoughts on the trailer? Is it deserving of two million dislikes? I'm interested to hear your opinions!

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  2. Call of Destiny? Well, the numbers pretty much speak for themselves.
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  3. People don't want the outer space stuff. I feel quite bad for Infinity Ward; the game's been in development for 3 years, and the Call of Duty landscape was very different back then.
  4. I agree, so much time put into something like that but then again no one really liked their idea of the space theme.
  5. This ^
    The CoD community has wanted boots on ground ever since that Advanced Warfare nonsense. Blops 3 did the boost jumping type stuff right but it's still a pain overall. I'm sure there's a way to bring in new features and ideas without changing the whole playing field.

    I've heard that they're supposedly making multiplayer boots on ground but I'm almost certain that was a last minute decision after seeing how the community reacted. If that's indeed the case, multiplayer is going to be filled with problems due to the last minute development. But that's just my theory. Could be wrong.

    All in all, I think it's just going to complete the 3 game cycle of disappointments. Next one after infinity warfare will probably be the better cod.
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  6. Hey,

    The trailer was bland, but there is so much publicity for them right now so..... Alot of people are going to buy the game and regret saying shit about it xD :D
  7. Game looks like shit, lets be real
  8. I've been playing cod since 2006 and all the cods have been great. I doubt they'll let us down now. Even though people aren't a fan of the space theme, it could possibly lead to more open storylines.
  9. I Believe there trailer was not the best I believe the Battlefield 1 Trailer was a lot better and they advertised a lot better by showing off the game with celebs and YouTubers playing it . My Opinion