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Advertise your server for FREE, by giving rewards for that to your own players

  1. gyurix submitted a new resource:

    Code - Advertise your server for FREE, by giving rewards for that to your own players

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  2. So this is an awesome idea and I love it!
    Unfortunately when I attempt to click on the chat to copy my code, nothing happens. :'(

    I'm running a 1.11 Spigot server, and I installed the dependencies properly ;P
  3. Hello,
    Please try to update the SpigotLib version to the one I posted right now:
  4. Your welcome :) If you like the plugin, then leave a review and check out my other plugins too :)
    I can even code custom plugins for you ;)
  5. I will be sure to that once we get a change to play around with the codes a bit, and I will look into your others too if there's something we may find appealing for our setup.

    I also attempting to find more information on your custom plugins, but didn't have any luck finding a post listing. Do you have a link to something like that available?
  6. @Zera_Fox
    These are my available public plugins:
    I can sell a custom HeadRankupPro version, you need to contact me on Skype or in PM if you are interested.
    And I and even my team can code you custom plugins:

    If you check my plugins, you may find, that the premium ones are the most epic, however the free ones are also useful :) .
  7. Does the plugin deny players to redeem a code if they have already redeemed one or another account is in the same IP?
  8. if they have already redeemed one: YES, it denies
    another account is in the same IP: NO, the plugin does not track IP addresses
  9. Could you add custom codes (or easter egg codes)?

    Something like:

    The code 123 gives you 1 million of money.
  10. I can do that in a form of private plugin. Please contact me on Skype and tell me all the details about the changes you need for your server :)
  11. 1.12 update and support please ?
  12. It works on 1.12 :)
    If you have any errors, please PM me it.
  13. It says :

    "Click here to copy your code to the chat". But I can't click on anything. x)
  14. Are you using the latest SpigotLib version?
  15. I have just tested it on latest Spigot version and it works fine.

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  16. This doesn't work on my server, you want to see ? I can give you the ip on private message.
  17. Make sure to test it without having other plugins on the server. If it works then the issue is some kind of incompatibility with other plugins.
  18. SpigotLib causes issue with viaversion can't download :/