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  1. i was getting spigot185jar form buildtools.jar, it is, but it keeps saying found changes. I think u should have something that says <EDITING IN PROGRESS! ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO CONTINUE? y/n> because it would help alot to people trying to update
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  2. I don't think you get the concept of buildtools. In order to get the latest version of spigot, run it! No need to decompile anything, and if you do for some reason want the spigot source, you can just check the folders it leaves behind.
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    I think what you're asking is for BuildTools to only run if the version in the working directory is not the latest. But I just wonder why not just type /version in a Minecraft server to see how far behind you are, and then just recompile once you see you're behind?
  4. ok, i made some mistakes, please reread
  5. Why would a simple little message get under your skin, and anyway, why would you make direct changes to the source and expect them to stay if you redo buildtools(The download process)? Out of all honestly, I still don't know what you're trying to say.
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