Coding properly: Case-sensitive names or not?

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    Umm, was that really confusing? Let me explain.

    Some plugins, unfortunately, code such that user names are case sensitive and that can bug out the server. For instance, let's take PermissionsEx.

    PermissionsEx checks if the names matches exactly in their data and this can cause unfortunate problems with ranks.

    For instance, someone does not enjoy their name being all upper-case (e.g. "ABS12") and would like to change it to all lower-cased (e.g. "abs12"). PeX sees this as a new user because .equals(user) doesn't match the upper cased name! So, the ranks are gone.

    And why does this matter?

    If the ranks are gone, then, you probably would've wasted like $6.99 donating for nothing, because everyone likes a rank and now because of some weird permission plugin name change thingy glitch, you don't have the rank anymore! So, you just essentially wasted money!!

    This also applies for plot plugins (I'm looking at you, PlotSquared) and sometimes even economy plugins.

    Please, do something! This happened to me and yeah... wasn't pleasant.
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  2. Maybe, you should use UUID's and not Usernames?

    Move to the new world mate.

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  3. Or you just contact the server?
  4. No recent version of PEX still uses names over UUIDs, unless the player hasn't joined.
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  5. What about other permission plugins?
  6. I only know about plugins that I've used personally. I'm sure you could find out by decompiling the one you're concerned about.
  7. There are plugins out there that force you to have specific cased letters.
  8. All of the popular permissions plugins that I am aware of all use UUID's, so this "problem" can never happen.
  9. I have no idea what plugin the server I played on was using, but it's *quite* broken
  10. Developing* Programming*? "coding" is a really dumb word to use.

    Okay, if you're gonna make PSAs bashing other people, maybe you should understand the situation yourself. Plugins in which store useful/sensitive data SHOULD NOT be using usernames AT ALL. This is the whole reason UUIDs were released (and SSNs).

    Hi, I'm John Smith.
    No, I'm John (s)mith.
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  11. simpleauthority


    Why are you bashing terminology usage? I'd argue that's simply asinine and doesn't add any value to the discussion. Semantics aren't important in vernacular discourse.

    As for your second point, you're quite correct though again I think you could be less unpleasantly harsh...
  12. It does not add any value to the discussion, I was simply pointing it out. Due to the recent influx of young children in the community, and their tendency to use words like "coding" and "coder" - those words have become something of a "nooby-alert" for myself and many others.
    I don't give a crap what people call it. I'm only throwing (my opinion) out there, which is something every single person on this forum is doing.

    I don't intentionally attempt to seem harsh, I only attempt to inform people in the most direct ways.
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  13. simpleauthority


    Adding your opinion is fine, and I wasn't attempting to tell you that it's not.

    I think instead of a "nooby-alert", as you eloquently put it, that some users here are viewing this as an elitist community, which, I admit, I also once viewed it as. Because they view it in such a way, they begin to make asinine statements, callous call-outs, and "loaded" additions to discussions on these forums where someone who may be new or someone who may not know exactly what they are talking about might be posting.

    This isn't an elitist community. Some users don't know what they're talking about, and guess what? That's totally fine.

    Of course, I'm not a moderator by any means. I'm also just putting my opinion in the wild. Do with it what you will. Change or don't, that's up to you.
  14. I know exactly what you mean. I experienced the same thing when I first joined. I do indeed attempt to be kind, but this forum and its users can be angering.
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