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  1. Hello,

    I know Java is the preferred programming language when it comes to Spigot, however I kinda find it confusing sometimes.
    I mostly like Python and I was astonished by a Python to Spigot plugins interpreter which is actively developed and supports up to Spigot 1.17. This interpreter is NOT limited at all and exposes the whole Spigot API to Python.

    I know this isn't perfect, it also has some limitations (like it uses Python 2.7 only for now) - But I found it really cool and I'd love to share this awesome project with everyone that ever wanted to create a Spigot plugin in Python.

    The project can be found here:

    It's worth mentioning that I'm not related to the project at all and I don't know its developer, all what I'm doing is sharing something that I liked. And if you do like this project too, it'd be appreciated if we can support the developer by any way even if starring the repository
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  2. Damn this is very interesting. Though I doubt many people, who code on Java/Kotlin for years for Spigot, will switch to Python just like that. But nonetheless this is impressive! Props to Macuyiko.
  3. Oh wow, it's not limited! Cool.
    But wait... didn't you say... uhh...
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  4. In my opinion, python is only good for small projects and scripts.
    Interesting that there is an API in python for spigot though.

    It is limited to Python2 though so that's a pretty significant drawback.
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  5. Let's hope that this will be ported to Python 3 one day. This is actually much cooler than many think, in my opinion, since it might attract a community of python developers to spigot, which is good since that community is not small.
  6. Go through both quotes again and you'll understand, and to whoever reacted to this - it wasn't funny :)
  7. The project developer is waiting for a Python 3 implementation of Jython then he'll start working on it.
  8. It is kinda funny
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