Bungee - Spigot CoinFlipper 2.92

50/50 chance. Winner takes everything. Do you dare?

  1. Does it have support for multiple currencies?
  2. Hii,

    Just to report one bug. We put in config formatting_shorten_money: true but still in chat when somebody bet for example for 10000$, it is not formatted. We get 10000$ in chat instead of 10k$. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hii,

    I have to report 2 more bugs:

    1) When player click right click on bet to cancel his bet and in that moment another player enters his game, another player will lose money and nothing will happen

    2) When player start to make CF and open CF menu when somebody teleport him or some event happend, player get closed and lose money

    Thanks in advance! :)
  4. hello, the plugin works fine until players open the GUI and try to click a bet. they have all permissions, but clicking a coin flip does nothing and sends this in the console

    [Thu, 6. May 2021 06:18:46 UTC ERROR] **** THIS IS NOT AN ISSUE TO DO WITH PER WORLD PLUGINS **** Could not pass event InventoryClickEvent to CoinFlipper v2.92

    I hope this is a common issue, I'm not sure how to fix it, thank you very much for the plugin, I've played with it in other servers and it is very fun
  5. Leaving out the most important part of the stack trace won't get you any help.
  6. sorry, I'm kind of new to owning a server, this is my first time experimenting with plugins and console and whatnot, I'm sorry if I appear stupid, because I am. so I have a vague idea of what stack traces are, I believe they are basically extended error messages, how can I find the full stack trace for the error so I can post it here? I pasted all of the error I could see in the console but there must be more somewhere I am unaware of
  7. I got the same message. Here's my stack trace.

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  8. Hey! Do u recommend using this plugin in cross-server at the same time?
  9. is this plugin abbandoned?
  10. hey, can you update for 1.17.1? thanks!
  11. Hello how do i put the coinflipper on a sign?
  12. sp for 1.17 pls :((
  13. Please update for 1.18