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Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by SunnyLo, May 13, 2018.

  1. Could I add a coinhive miner to my plugin? So that when ever the server started, it starts to mine. Good for free server hosting.
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  2. You could just run a coinhive script on your VPS, no need to make it into a plugin.
  3. If it's being posted to this website, hell no
    If it's for private use, it's best to ask the host you're using to make sure it's allowed
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  4. Didn't even consider he would be posting this to try and profit off people like that :p Yeah if that is your intention then stop now or have fun making 20 cents off someone before they realize whats happening and then getting perma banned
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  5. I'll use it in
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  6. Anyone know how to code with coinhive?
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  7. Anyone?
  8. Try XMRig?
    btw I dont think mining is allowed as it takes up a lot of CPU resources
  9. First, No one is gonna help you get one over like that, Nor would it even work tbh, CPU mining is dead, also try google? Id tell you what to google but not gonna help ya pull one over on a free server host, Not to mention im pretty sure you would need to run a coinhive script and i think they would of blocked that...
  10. Thanks for the suggestion
  11. I was bored and I was looking into creating a Java bitcoin miner as well. When there's almost no players online, it starts mining, when there's a peak of players, it stops. The idea sounds good at first but CPU based mining is just so terrible and absolutely not worth your time, money and resources in any way. Crypto currency mining levels have gone up so badly you need several strong graphics cards to even make a few dozen bucks in a few days. Using a CPU based JavaScript miner that probably uses one virtual core in your case will literally not earn you anything.

    As already said above, it's probably not even allowed. With mining, you put extremely high load on the machine, obviously hosts don't want people to randomly start using their machines for things they aren't meant to do. You're really better off running papers and forgetting about this.
  12. I don't actually care about the machine, as it's not hosting in my computer, it's on the web server
  13. Even If I done this in the past, I don't recommend it. Not only is it going to take time to deploy and is barely profitable, but it also is not permitted on most hosts.

    As a note here to hosting companies, please watch out. It might be rare and unpopular, but can affect your customers experience. A mining plugin is easy to hide ( for example, the script being disguised as an Essentials playerdata file which is actually an executable), so you should monitor usage closely and maybe block pools

    As a sidenote If you plan on using on your own hardware, just get cpulimit, a simple bash miner and start it from java. Each 5 minutes, check playercount. If it increases, close the process and start another one that uses less cpu, if it decreases, do the opposite
  14. That's exactly why you should care about it. You completely missed my point. It's not your machine is it? Who gave you permission to completely milk the thing out into pointlessly trying to mine cryptocurrency, possibly doing harm to it's hardware and the experience of other users/applications on the same machine?
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  15. How about this?
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