Spigot Coins 1.10.8

Drop coins for killing mobs & mining. Allow withdrawing. Good for drop parties. Highly configurable.

  1. yes, after deleting the old configuration file everything worked fine, thanks and congratulations for the work
  2. It does, we have setup our resource pack with a coin texture pack, and the /withdraw option now gives us a sunflower with the coin texture, whilst other normally obtained sunflowers looks like a normal sunflower
  3. when killing a mob using a bow, you are not dropping the coins!
  4. Hey, Pillagers from a Pillager Outpost should be classified as spawner mobs and shouldn't drop coins.
  5. no, they're not from spawners, instead you do:
    Code (Text):
      pillager: 0
  6. when killing a mob using a bow, you are not dropping the coins!
  7. yeah sorry i read it though, it's been something i've tried to fix, somehow i can't get it to work
  8. I love this plugin, but unfortunately I will have to abandon pis causes a disadvantage for those who use bow!
  9. Hi, I'm having this issue: CustomTexture not loading
    I posted it on Github Issues page with my config file content...
    long story short, I'm trying to use a custom texture and it's not working...

  10. your custom model is set to 0, this will give you the standard sunflower texture, you must assign the custom number of your item in the texture pack
  11. oh, I forgot to say here that I got it solved... thanks anyways... in the end I was doing it right, I just needed to do a full restart but a reload...
  12. Hi, I've recently been using this plugin and I find it excellent, I want to know who administers and updates the plugin, I wanted to know if they were interested in adding the language to Italian, I did the translation if you want I can pass the file to add
  13. You can send me a PM on here, thanks!
  14. Salve e da poco che lo uso, a cosa serve il CustomDataModel ? ho visto che viene elogiato su alcuni post ed e una nuova funzione che prima non c'era.

    Altra domanda e possibile personalizzare immagine del fiore ? vorrei che si vedesse una vera moneta.

  15. your last question is exactly possible with CustomModelData, but you need to create a resource pack for it. however, i don't know how this works.
  16. Ciao, io sono un creatore di texture, ne ho giĆ  realizzata una, vorrei capire come funziona se qualcuno mi sa spiegare cosa fare grazie.
  17. Is there a way we can limit the amount a player gets per 24 hours a day? Like cap?

    Jobs have this and can't find anything about it here.
  18. Hello everyone! I just added this plugin on my server, but the problem is in a protected area, if people try to break grass. What happen is that coins are generated.

    Is possible to limit the generation of some blocks?
  19. It doesn't happen to me in my server, how does it generate coins by destroying grass ??? review the plugin configuration