Spigot Coins 1.10.8

Drop coins for killing mobs & mining. Allow withdrawing. Good for drop parties. Highly configurable.

  1. Hello. I've been having a problem with this plugin not taking away coins on death. I believe I have my config set properly with loseOnDeath: true and a percentage of loss, but whenever anybody does die, no message is displayed on death screen, and no value is lost.
    I am running a Spigot 1.16.3 server with the plugins HealthBar, AngelChest, SilkySpawners Lite, Vivecraft Spigot Extentions, Coins, EssentialsX, Vault and LuckPerms.
    I've tried disabling all plugins but Coins, EssentialsX, Vault, and LuckPerms but coins are still not being lost.
  2. Well yeah, every block you destroy generate coins.
    I would like to limit the generation only to certain blocks
  3. Is it possible for you to add support for Tuinity? Make it so you can pickup coins with full inventory on Tuinity just like you can on Paper?
  4. Tuinity is a fork of paper, so surely it will also work there. Have you tried it?
  5. I have Tuinity installed and it's not working, you'd think it would work since it's a Fork of Paper though.
  6. EDIT: Just found the github link with the project source code :)

    Is this open sourced? I'd like to add a few features for my server. I don't know how busy you may be, but if you would rather do them here are some of the things i had planned to do.

    1. Add ability to make the coin have a specific value. ($1, 2, 10, 50, 100.. or whatever they want to choose in config)
    - As a start this would be good.. later down the road, you could perhaps add different coins with different values and different color, for example
    yellow = 1 (all configurable), red = 10, blue = 100, green = 1000.. i havent put too much thought on this multi coin idea, but it's a start
    - when mobs or mining.. if the drop is let's say 15$, the plugin will drop 1 red, and 5 yellows -- this will need to be optimized of course..
    will need to test how the calculations would affect server performance or if any at all.
    2. Add ability to stack Coins (example, if my coin value is 10 and i withdraw 30, i get a stack of 3 coins)
    - this allows for shops taking items to be able to setup a specific item value with coins
    - this allows for traders to want a specific number of coins but is tied tied to money , just like how you would trade 10 emeralds for x item
    3. Allow to configure drops with a random value (from, to, like you currently have) and probability/chance percentage but for all mined blocks and killed mobs and players
    for example - when killing a player allow me to configure a random from and to value with a percent chance drop
    when killing enderman - allow to configure its own random from and to with percent chance of drop
    in config it would look something like
    Code (YAML):
    : 40 #percent
    : 3
    : 10
    : 50
    : 10
    : 50
    : 0 #disables the drop
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  7. Hey there. I have been testing the coins plugin and I enjoy it alot
    I do use "Shopkeepers" plugin too, (link: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/shopkeepers.80756/)
    By default, the shop economy item is "EMERALD" (for low currency)
    I would like to change that, to being $1 coin
    Is there any way to do that? Does it have it's own name like i know sunflower is minecraft:sunflower, or is it possible to create a custom "handle"?
  8. First of all, sorry for the very very late responses. Spigot hasn't been notifying me when new posts were posted, for some weird reason that I still don't know why, so that made me not check this place.

    no, not exactly sure what you mean either. does this have to do with the limiting drop coins at locations, or just a cap in general, so i.e. limit every player to get 1000 coins per day at max, and won't allow more than that?

    set `onlyExperienceBlocks` to `true`
    : "onlyExperienceBlocks: true"

    i think this was fixed in 1.10.1, if not, let me know

    oh right, i have never heard of Tuinity so i will look into that
  9. you can change settings to this

    Code (Text):
    coinItem: emerald
    dropEachCoin: true
    unless you mean that you want to change Shopkeepers' currency. i guess, that then, you want villagers to accept coins worth 1$ instead of emeralds? i honestly have no idea how Shopkeepers works nowadays, so i don't really think i can help on that

    are you talking about this part of the config in Shopkeepers?
    Code (Text):
      type: EMERALD
      display-name: '&aA fancy looking crystal'
      - 'It looks precious.'
      - 'I might be able to sell it.'
        DURABILITY: 1
  10. yes this is open sourced,
    i am also working on Coins 2.0, which is also a branch on github. there i am working on implementing your 1.st suggestion already, possibly your 2.nd and 3.rd too
    here is a peak of the config that i want to use for 2.0: https://github.com/JustEli/Coins/blob/version-2.0/src/main/resources/config-new.yml

    in 2.0 you will be able to config different coins, that drop different amounts, and you can assign them to different events and mobs

    defining coins in 2.0
    Code (Text):
        item: gold block
        worth: [10.0, 15.0]
        glow: true
        item: gold ingot
        worth: [5.0, 9.0]
        item: gold nugget
        worth: [1.0, 4.0]
        stack: true
    and then i.e. assigning coins to events in 2.0
    in this case to assign it to Players in KILL_ENTITY
    Code (Text):
        enabled: false
          instances: [Player]
          events: [KILL_ENTITY]
          entities: []
        preventAlts: true
          Block: 0.1
          Ingot: 0.2
          Nugget: 0.4
    but it probably won't help to say that i'll be working on this for many more months
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  11. Thanks for replying.
    If you download Shopkeepers, theres THIS in the config file

    Code (Text):

    currency-item: EMERALD
    zero-currency-item: BARRIER
    high-currency-item: DIAMOND_BLOCK
    zero-high-currency-item: BARRIER
    It takes the name of the item ingame - the coin is a sunflower, but writing SUNFLOWER only makes it be a sunflower.
    By default, it's emerald - so if you place 64 wood in a chest, edit your shopkeeper, default would be 1 emerald once you press the barrier - you can click until it reaches 64. I'd want to set that to be a coin, if that was possible. I can manually (ingame) set in a coin, but not make it the default item.
  12. You can also specify item data other than the item type in the Shopkeeper config. See the wiki on how this works (there are some examples as well): https://github.com/Shopkeepers/Shopkeepers-Wiki/wiki/Configuration#item-data
    There is also a command that helps with getting the data for an in-game item, so that it can be copied and pasted into the config (/shopkeeper yaml). This is explained in the wiki as well.
  13. Brother Blablu, you are incredible. Love you
  14. I just tested it by replacing "EMERALD" with "

    display-name: '&e1 &6Coins'

    Unfortunately didnt work
  15. You have to precisely follow the formatting shown in the examples inside the wiki. This works for me:
    Code (YAML):
    : '&e1 &6Coins'
    For further Shopkeepers-specific questions, consider posting at the plugin page for Shopkeepers, or join the discord server, so that we do not go further off-topic here.
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  16. is there a command to activate and deactivate the plugin? I wanted to use it together with the blood moon plugin, making it activated during the moon.
  17. I'm having this same problem. Coins do not drop on player death and no balance is deducted. I have checked the config file to make sure I have the correct settings enabled. Is there a permission that we're missing? I am using Coins 1.10.1 on Paper #336. I'm also running EssentialsX, Vault, and LuckPerms same as quoted post.

    Other than that, great plugin! My players and I love the "dropEachCoin" setting. Seeing tons of coins drop after killing enemies is very satisfying and makes for a good game experience.
  18. set "dropWithAnyDeath: true"

    It states that
    # Also drop coins when the mob is NOT killed by a player?
    # That means that any death cause will cause the mob to drop coins, not just players!

    but in reality I guess it applies to players as well because if it's set to false players are unable lose coins on death

    Also I was curious if there was a way to set it to if a player dies in a certain area such as a WorldGuard safezone they wouldn't lose coins on death?
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  19. no, there's currently no way to disable the plugin by command, but i will keep it in mind to add it some day

    i will take a look at it!

    this plugin does not hook into WorldGuard but i may add support for it at some point