Spigot Coins 1.10.8

Drop coins for killing mobs & mining. Allow withdrawing. Good for drop parties. Highly configurable.

  1. This was it. Setting "dropWithAnyDeath" to true now causes players to lose balance on death. Thanks.
  2. No problem, not sure if this is a result of this but now passive mobs that die naturally drop coins such as squids and wolfs will drop coins now and mobs from spawners.
  3. Is there a permission for right-clicking to deposit coin(s) in hand? I can only do it while OP
  4. coins.withdraw grants them to permission to /withdraw and depositing by clicking
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  5. Is there any way to make mobs killed by a bow / trident drop coins?
  6. nope, that's a bug i have to fix
  7. Alright thank you for the quick update :)
  8. From his reply he said that the bug was fixed, but I don't see any new versions !!

    Not updated status of languages not added Italian ;)
    Languages Supported:
    English, Dutch, Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Hungarian, Swedish
  9. thanks for the heads up, and no i haven't fixed it yet
  10. JustEli updated Coins with a new update entry:

    1.10.2: Tuinity support, fix projectile kills to drop coins, batch withdraw command

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  11. Awesome with a fix!
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  12. I don't know why 1.16.5paper do not support
  13. could you be more specific
  14. Is it possible to show the amount of coins when they are on the floor before player pick up them?
  15. nope
  16. I have two questions
    First /withdraw works great
    Is there a way to deposit unused coins back in?

    Second coins don't seem to stack correctly if I use /withdraw 5000 I don't get 5000 coins I get a single coin called 5000 coins this is fine if I'm buying something that costs the exact amount in shopkeepers but for example if I use /withdraw 10'000 it gives me 10'000 coins but I go to buy something that costs 5000 it won't work I have to withdraw exactly 5000 to have the stack that is one coin called 5000 coins, surely I should be able to use 10000 and it only spends 5k of it rather than withdrawing several amounts that exactly match each item I with to buy?
  17. you (right- or left-) click the coin to deposit it again

    you can do /withdraw <worth> [amount]
    i.e. '/withdraw 5000 2' to get 2 coins that are worth 5000, spending 10000
  18. Thank you very much for your quick response I did try to check the files but I must have overlooked this, thank you again
  19. Hey wondering if you could expand the pvp aspect of this, I'm looking around for a plugin that will let me set custom modifiers on pvp currency drops, you would earn more currency by battling a higher tier player, diamond armor, while killing a player with no armor will give you basically nothing
  20. hm i'll most likely not focus on something like that in the near future