Spigot Coins 1.10.8

Drop coins for killing mobs & mining. Allow withdrawing. Good for drop parties. Highly configurable.

  1. And what does that have to do with Coins?
  2. EssentialsX.
  3. seems a bit odd tho, the plugin rounds every number to the specified decimal format in the config, default 2 decimals

    so i do not think it is Coins related
  4. Is it possible to have the dropped coins physically go into your inventory instead of your balance?
  5. nope
  6. The language files are outdated. Using swedish and had to copy in the missing lines from the eng lanuagefile and translate them myself

    I would really really love if the actual commands could be translated as well. I can easily do aliases or custom commands for /coins but being able to just trnslate it all would be so much better and would help with translating commands like /coins settings and not just /coins.

    But I love the plugin. :).
  7. Yes they are outdated, however there's only a warning about it and it'll use English by default. Don't hesitate to send me updated translations.

    Commands are not easily translated because those are hard-coded.
  8. Ah, I'll guess I have to use some custom command plugin to make my own commands then. Oh well.
    Yeah. Need to go through my translation and the already translated stuff to make it keep the same kind of wording. :)

    Do the lang-files suport comments with an #?
  9. nope
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  10. Well this is just dreadful. I'm not sure I can survive this! :p