Spigot Coins 1.10.8

Drop coins for killing mobs & mining. Allow withdrawing. Good for drop parties. Highly configurable.

  1. JustEli updated Coins with a new update entry:

    config changes, preciser pickup message, improvements

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  2. Excellent update... I will give you credits in my server.
    Can you make a new plugin please?
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  3. Can you edit old and forgotten plugins?
  4. OMG i have a BIG BUG
    look this img
    if i set name of my item '20000 Coins' any item
    Pic 1: look name of item

    Pic 2:


    Pic 3: and i pickup thiss item


    Pls fix this because my member can rename item
  5. How did you set the name of item? And how did you yellow?
  6. Vanilla minecraft doesn't allow you to rename items in to a name with colours.
    I cannot help it if you choose to use a plugin that allows renaming items with colours.
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  7. Nah, NP i'm done with this bug =D
  8. So, can you edit old and forgotten plugins?
  9. I do that for my server, yes.
  10. Oh wow, and can you help me with a certain plugin? Please???
  11. Friend, there is a problem, when I player drops money by death, drops 20 coins...
    but has 5 money only...
    as has 5 money only doesnt take them, because I have in "MoneyTaken:" from 20 to 20
  12. Not a big problem, but I’ll fix it when I have time. Thanks for letting me know.
  13. Do you think we can config all the mob drops? I want to make it so creepers can give out like $5 .00+ while pigs get like $0.25.
    You can keep the multiple coin drops, that is a cool feature, but there will be so many coins if I make the default drop $1.00 and make the Ender Dragon drop 10,000 coins. :(
  14. @JustEli Hey.

    Can you add permission to spawnerDrop because I only want this by people that bought a rank :p

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  15. Don't see what you mean, it should work fine.

    Sorry, you'll have to do with multiple coin drops. Config is going to become too complicated to have both: amount of coins & amount of money to drop/give per type.

    Added in 1.5.1
  16. JustEli updated Coins with a new update entry:

    1.5.1: minor fix, added 'coins.spawner' permission

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  17. Tnxx! :D
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  18. Hi, there's a problem with players being unable to get coins when their inventory is full. Is it possible to add an option so that it ignores the inventory and deposits directly to their account?