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  2. hiho...how can i use this command for my command panel?
    /coins remove <Player> <Amount>
    /coins remove %player% 100 did not work :(
    im on paper 1.15.2 #90
    #2 general2811, Feb 5, 2020
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2020
  3. Hello,
    I wanna ask if this plugin has a build-in protection for SQL Injection.
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  4. Yeah i use PreparedStatements ! MucQ
  5. You can use my DEV-API
  6. Or you can add me on discord name: like_ondra I can help you
  7. And i have one question what command panel you are using
  8. But if you have some doubts type me here
  9. Prepared Statements cover only about 97% of SQL Injection vulnerabilities. You should escape user inputs too.
  10. But this is only MC Plugin i never seen man who is going to SQL Inject CoinSystem
  11. On warez MC server, with bad auth system, it's possible to spoof nicks and do SQL Injection.