[COLLABORATORS] Looking for server collaborators on my forums

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  1. So. Craftbuzz. My forums. I have toiled to get it off the ground, and I can't. Why? Because I need people. I was given the boot on two forums (they misunderstood the purpose of this thread, misinterpreted it as an advertisment), and now I have come here.

    I need collaborators. What are collaborators? Server owners who are willing to work with me to get free advertising. Collaborators get free advertising on my forums, as well as staff status. What do we want? Nothing. We simply want you to advertise our forums. In other words, I'll help you if you help me. That's it.

    So, if you are interested, email me at [email protected]. You will really be helping us out.

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  2. mathhulk

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    I wonder why you were kicked off of the other forums.... Maybe because you are advertising a forum that might be considered competition to the one you are at? Wrong decision bud.
  3. You know, I love giant forums' logic. They have thousands of users, threads, etc.
    I don't even have 10 members yet. And they feel threatened by me.
    Nice. I love the world we live in.

    But that isn't the point. I'm not advertising. I'm asking for collaborators. Not quite the same thing. That is what the forum administrators didn't quite understand.

    And anyways, I know Spigot. Sure, it can bite if you say something wrong. But, in all cases, it's open to all suggestions. It's a hub for all types of players. The forums I previously went to were mismanaged and were simply created for control of players rather than creating a community.
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    I wasn't trying to be harsh, and if I sounded like it, I apologize.
  5. No, I understand your point. It was slightly foolish of me to approach sites like that to find collaborators.
  6. You know I understand your stress, I myself find it difficult to get players on my server, so maybe we could do a two way thing where I'll advertise you and in return you advertise me?
  7. Yes. That is what I'm trying to do with this collaborator business. If you're interested, please email me at the email above or DM me.
  8. The more people the better. Anyone else?