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  1. What was your major in college?
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    Waiting for the influx of "I never went to college" replies
  3. I never went to college
  4. I never went to college
  5. I never went to college
  6. With what German school type the college can be compared with?
  7. I believe the answer you’re looking for is “I never went to college”
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  8. I haven't gone to college yet *shrug*
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    college = hochschule
    community college = berufsschule
    thats the american definition, the british one is all over the place, its basically just schule I guess.

    Breaking the trend (because I am that kind of guy), I finished my Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science earlier this year.
  10. The trend was already broken so *shrug*
  11. Hochschule ist the general term of university in Germany.
    - Universität
    - Fachhochschule (also known as University of Applied (Sciences))

    So college seems not to be the right translation?!
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    I know, that why I said hochschule and not universität. collage includes both, just like hochschule does.
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  13. So after clearing things up I can say that I went and I'm going to a college. In special l: An university of applied sciences. I studied media computer sciences (Bachelor) and now I'm studying general computer sciences (Master).
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    I went to university for a bachelors in Software Engineering, a 4 year program, and planned on staying an additional year for my masters. Dropped out after completing my first year because I didn't enjoy school and felt I was better off teaching myself, didn't want to ever go back, managed to get picked up as an educator at another university. Funny how life comes full circle.
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  15. I haven’t been to college.
  16. My current college major is art. In the future I want to be an artist. But college studying can be hard a bit, especially writing different kind of stuff like essays and papers. Plus I am not good at it. So sometimes got some help with it from others. For example, I found review with such services on Paidpaper and want try to use one of them.
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  17. Associate in Computer Science.
    Plan to get back and finish to get Bachelor degree, but may switch majors over to Electrical Engineering (still debating).