Solved Color Changing Plugin

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by ItzMike_YT, May 9, 2017.

  1. A simple plugin that changes your color name with x permission and the command /color <color> like on cubecraft. I've tried one but it didn't work, so if someone could code one, or have one in mind please let me know
  2. I'd love to if no one else does. If no one's done it in the next 18h, shoot me a PM.
  3. Wrong forum section, you can look for plugin developers here:

    This section is for people who are coding plugins themself and have a problem with their code.
  4. Thanks for the minimod @SmokingIsBadMkay, but that's not where this topic would go. The dude isn't hiring anyone; he's looking for a volunteer developer.
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    its still hiring a developer technically.. But yeah, we don't need a minimod lol
  6. Wrong. For both paid and non-paid (spigot doesn't have a non-paid section) you need to go to that forum.
  7. Just pointing out the fact that they are posting this in the wrong section so they don't make the mistake again. If everyone posts stuff in the wrong sections the forum becomes a mess, I'm not trying to minimod or anything. Just want to inform them about their mistake.
  8. Okay, but that's still mini-modding. But unless you are going to contribute to the discussion, please butt out.
  9. You both are right I'm in the wrong section (Because it's my first time posting) and I'm not trying to hire anyone, I wanted to know if there was any plugin like that because which I used, didn't work