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  1. Hello!

    My server is having multiple problems with color chat! We cannot seem to get it to work. We have tried adding the permissions from all of our chat plugins yet nothing is working! Any suggestions on what I should try to do to fix this problem?

    Plugin list:

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  2. Are you saying that players are unable to talk in colour? If so, does it work for opped players?
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    ChatEx has been known to have issues with chat formatting. Can you try and remove it and see if it resolves the issue? (You may need EssentialsXChat or something to test another plugin that allows color formatting)

    If that doesn't help I can put together a quick debug plugin for you that will identify all plugins tapping into the chat events.

    Shamelessly I have a chat replacement plugin which allows chat formatting you can try
  4. Yes it does work for opped players
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    Can you post your permissions?
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    From what I can tell your permissions allow color and other options for VIP and up. And the YAML is valid and appears correct.
  7. If you have an anticheat (I can't see an anticheat in that plugin list - I'm probably just blind though) it might be preventing players from talking in colour.
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  8. And if it is not this?