Spigot Color Name 1.0

Allows change your color name on your head.

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    ColorName - Allows change your color name on your head.

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  2. Hello
    This plugin is a good idea however when I test on my server I do not see too much how it works.

    My server runs under the latest version of Spigot 1.13.2 without any other plugin to not disturb my tests and I left the default configuration of the plugin.

    The plugin loads well, there is no error in the log so everything is OK, but in game (I am operator) using the command: /colorname, the graphics menu pops up well but after what do I do to use the coloring options.

    All objects in the on interface as inscription: Not selected, and none of the possible actions in the game changes anything.

    I do not put a notation because not able to test to the end it is difficult to give a note especially that it is possible that it is me who does not do correctly
  3. Oh sorry dude. I just tried the plugini on 1.13 and it didn't work as you said. but we will release a new version for 1.13 as soon as possible. Stay with us.
  4. No problem.
    This happens on a lot of plugin since the passage of 1.13. X.
    A lot of things have changed with this version.
    Do your best.
    Thank you
  5. Hi there. I regret to inform you that we cannot release a new version for the 1.13 version for now. Mojang, have deleted every method we using on 1.13. Thank you for following me anyway. you can browse my other projects. I've tried them all and they are all compatible with version 1.13. soon I'll launch more projects. VoteKick is one of those ready.