Solved Color player's name overhead problem?

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  1. Hello everyone.
    (For start, sorry i'm french. My english isn't perfect)

    So, I'm developer and owner of a server, and I encountered a problem.
    For my plugin TeamVSTeam, I must do a color (blue and red) overhead of players.

    I'm using the ScoreBoard Teams, when I do the command (with the console or in game), its work.
    But, when the players are teleport to the spawn point of the PvP Map, thats don't work.
    The players must disconnect-reconnect for view the colors.

    Maybe a actualization problem?
    Can you help me?

    Thanks a lot.

    SPIGOT VERSION: 1.7.10-1.8 (Protocol Hack)​
  2. Can I have a awnser? (up)
  3. Try updating the scoreboards (or team options) when they get teleported to the arena.

    Edit: post a little snippet of code that is executed when the players get teleported to the arena, including the team join moment
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  4. Not everyone on here has a direct helpful answer, be patient and wait some hours.

    Do you receive errors? Have you enabled something like per world scoreboard which overrides your scoreboard maybe? Is it just a tab list issue or does the playername also change back to white? Have you debugged your scoreboard values after a world change and checked if the scoreboard still has that player in a Team?
  5. The console return no errors,
    The players are in team when they teleport
    The arena is in the same world of the spawn
    I must disconnect - reconnect to view the colors

    CODE :

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  6. Just wondering, can you post the code where you setup the teams? so maybe there's an issue
  7. There is the code at the onEnable()

  8. SOLVED: Just an another scoreboard defined to the player.

    Résolu: C'était juste un autre scoreboard défini sur le même joueur.
    Si d'autres personnes ont ce problème, ne c'est pas un problème d'actualisation, c'est juste qu'un autre scoreboard est défini sur ce joueur.

    Tanks you.