1.8.8 Colored Banner Material Spigot 1.8

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  1. Hello! I was just wondering how to make a colored banner material to set to a block in a world.
  2. Use BannerMeta.addPattern(new Pattern(DyeColor.YOURCOLOR, PatternType.BASE)).
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  3. Sorry, while looking at the 1.8.8 javadocs, I don't think there was BannerMeta back then. You have to use
    Code (Java):
    ((org.bukkit.block.Banner) block).setBaseColor(DyeColor);
    Updating a few versions up will allow you to have Material.[COLOR]_BANNER.
  4. The only thing is that I would like to set a location to a colored banner. How would I do this with an item stack?

    I really want to :'D but I also want to keep the 1.8 PvP.
  5. Hey, you would set the block to a banner in 1.8.8. Than you would cast your block.getState() to a banner block to modify color and pattern.