Colored chat not working for only one group

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  1. Hello i have essentials for the colored chat with this config:
    membro: '&b{WORLDNAME} {DISPLAYNAME}&7:&r {MESSAGE}'
    Founder: '&b{WORLDNAME} &0[&o&4STAFF&0] &4| {DISPLAYNAME}&8»&4&l&o&n {MESSAGE}'
    viplus: '&b{WORLDNAME} {DISPLAYNAME}&8»&5 {MESSAGE}'
    SkyKnight: '&b{WORLDNAME} {DISPLAYNAME}&8»&a {MESSAGE}'
    SkyTitan: '&b{WORLDNAME} {DISPLAYNAME}&8»&c {MESSAGE}'
    Helper: '&b{WORLDNAME} &0[&o&4STAFF&0] &4|&e {DISPLAYNAME}&8»&e {MESSAGE}'
    Moderatore: '&b{WORLDNAME} &0[&o&4STAFF&0] &4|&0 {DISPLAYNAME}&4&8»&0 {MESSAGE}'
    Supporter: '&b{WORLDNAME} &6 {DISPLAYNAME}&8»&a {MESSAGE}'
    Admin: '&b{WORLDNAME} &0[&o&4STAFF&0] &4|&c {DISPLAYNAME}&8»&c {MESSAGE}'
    Builder: '&b{WORLDNAME} &0[&o&4STAFF&0] &4|&e {DISPLAYNAME}&e&8»&e {MESSAGE}'
    The colored chat workes except for the Founder one which is white;i recently installed a plugin for prefix and unistalled because it wasn't working but then when i die(because i tried the plugin on me) the tag is there but in chat it wasn't now i can't remove the tag because i don't have that plugin anymore and i also don't remember its name,pls help,thank to all
  2. Perhaps it made a team? Depending what version you are on, try something like /scoreboard teams leave or /team leave
  3. Try using another plugin for managing your chat .
    You can use NameTagEdit to create prefixes / suffixes and then create a permission "" and associate it with your group
    ( give them that permission )
    Example: /nte prefix vip &7[&2Vip&7] | /nte suffix vip &a | /nte permission vip | then give "" permission to vip rank ;)
  4. thank you but that's another problem because it is not working when i set a group or a player prefix it says successfully changed but it still the same also after a reload
  5. No i tried thank you