Spigot ColoredBlocks 1.0

Over ‭100 Million New Blocks!!!

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    ColoredBlocks - Over ‭100 Million New Blocks!!!

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  2. This definitely seems like a very nice plugin, but I have a few questions:

    I'm concerned about performance. How does it work? I read on the description that it modifies spawners for some reason, does this mean the new blocks are spawners? Spawners usually tick, does this prevent that? Do colored blocks use any extra server resources of any kind? Are they armorstands? Tile entities? etc?

    Finally, is there any way to identify the blocks, for combination with other plugins, to allow things like custom crafting or changing the item texture?

    If you destroy the block, is there any way to get it back?

    Regardless of the answers, thanks for publishing it! It's certainly original :)
  3. The spawner is turned off and should not be looking for nearby players. The new blocks are technically spawners and armor stands. Colored blocks are just leather boots on a armor stand. If you use F3 and get near the color blocks you will notice the entity count does not go up. Colored blocks do not get treated as entities but like blocks. Performance should be good but there is some code improvements to do on my end.

    I have a system for my plugin to identify the blocks so when you break it the block will drop itself and you can take it around like a normal block.

    Hopefully that answers all of your questions.
  4. Thanks for the reply. It does clarify some of my concerns, but i don't fully understand your answer. If the blocks are armorstands, how does the entity count not go up and why don't they get treated as entities? Are they only client side? What would happen if i set 3000 color blocks in a chunk? Would it still not cause lagg?
  5. Colored blocks will drop your fps after a certain amount of blocks near each other. They are more efficient than entries tho because they dont get treated as a entity but like a tile entity

    Watch this video. It explains the whole process. Skip to 2:37 if you want to see the technical side

  6. This is a great plugin, can I repost it to MCBBS? This is a Chinese forum.
  7. A few small things.
    #Placing them by 45 degree is hard and should be placed while sneaking would be cooler.
    #Getting "Could not pass event PlayerInteractEvent to ColoredBlocks v1.0" error on 1.14.4. But without these, pretty cool