Spigot Colorful Commands 0.1.3

Command wrapper to bring colorcodes to every command!

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    Colorful Commands - Command wrapper to bring colorcodes to every command!

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  2. Its colorful or colourful :)(Depending on where you live)
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    What an embarrassing typo... at least English is not my first language so I have that going for me!

    Spelling is fixed in the 0.1.1 version. (The permission changed because of that!)

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    What an embarrassing typo...

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  4. Don't worry. Not even the Americans can speak proper English.

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  6. Looks like the /cc command overrides the main /cc command from chest command GUI. Could you provide a way to disable that command?
    Thanks in advance :D

    Edit: No need for it, I fixed it myself. Thanks for this wonderful plugin you created!
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  7. a commandblock with /clear will have comparator output regardless if the player has the item or not. It's really wonderful if it can be fixed :D
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    Setting the output of a command block is currently not possible with Bukkit. Sry.