Spigot Colour Chat 2.0

A GUI based chat colour selector for use as a EULA compliant donor perk with rainbows!

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    Colour Chat - A GUI based chat colour selector for use as a EULA compliant donor perk

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  2. 'Colour' is the way 'color' is spelt in the United Kingdom.
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  3. oh ok
  4. Yeah, I'm Canadian so it's spelled colour for me
  5. Make sure you are using Java 8, I might recompile plugin with 7 soon.
    Edit: Java 7 fix will be uploaded right now :}
    #8 Acer, Oct 28, 2014
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  6. Thanks, even though I might Upgrade to Java 8 if thats the new Thing now :D
  7. Glad I could help ;) This build will still work for 8 as well.
  8. Does this plugin have:
    1. Customisable messages, per chat colour?
    2. Customisable lore and name for the GUI?
  9. Can you make it compatible with TownyChat?
  10. I am working on Lore right now, should be released very soon, Messages per chat color is something I have not yet implemented because of the amount of repetitive labor, but I will put it on my TODO list. At the moment you can change the prefix of all ChatColor messages and you can change the GUI name, as well as disable/enable any colours used in the rainbow selection.
    I'm not sure what TownyChat is, could you explain? What errors were you having while using it with Towny?
  11. TownyChat is the Chat Plugin for Towny, the colors wont work with it, no errors, heres the link to TownyChat: http://palmergames.com/jenkins/job/TownyChat/
  12. I have an idea to make it compatible, but again this isn't super high on my TODO list because I really would like to get meta data done
  13. Okay, no problem, take your time :D
  14. Well the only reason I wanted customisable messages was so we could add a message for users who don't have a rank. Like a no-permission rank.
    Purchase VIP rank to gain access to this colour at www.store.com
  15. Is it just me or does your plugin stops ALL players from grabing wool out of chests and moving it in their inventories, after installing your plugin this happened.
  16. Releasing fix right now, I forgot a line of code, Whoops :(